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The Medical Mediation Foundation

Conflict is upsetting in any walk of life but especially in health and social care. At MMF, we help you recognise, understand and manage the symptoms of conflict with our unique blend of  training, mediation and coaching, delivered by our expert team.

Workplace conflict has been identified as a principal psychosocial hazard; supporting the psychosocial safety of healthcare workers is a key enabler of staff wellbeing. Post COVID, healthcare staff are experiencing higher levels of aggression in their work places Stein Payroll   from patients, families and colleagues.

State, territory and federal governments across Australia are introducing regulations which place obligations on employers to proactively manage these hazards and requiring them to introduce measures to prevent, manage and control the risk to employees.

Our training is evidence based and peer-reviewed and has been developed by our multi-disciplinary faculty of healthcare professionals to educate and support frontline healthcare staff.  It has become a vital element in the psychosocial safety toolkit which genuinely supports staff and helps duty holders fulfil their obligations.

First established in the UK in 2010 and headquartered in London, MMF now has a second base in Melbourne, serving Australia and New Zealand. This is our Australian website.
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Presenting the Green Zone E-learning course

"The best e-learning course I have ever done"
DR HILARy cass 0be, former president royal college of paediatrics and child health (UK)
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3-hour self-paced learning

Originally developed for NHS England,  provides an essential toolkit for conlict management, complementing our in-person training delivered by our UK and Australia-based faculty

Foundation Level

Suitable as both a standalone training or as the first step in our comprehensive Conflict Management Program; ideal for remote and dispersed workforces 

Accessible and affordable

Tiered pricing and CHA member discounts make the Green Zone Course a realistic option for organisations wishing to embed conflict management skills across the workforce
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What our students say about us

Really important training.  Feel like it should be mandatory
Clinical nurse specialist
Thank you so much. Amazing course. Very professional. I will definitely use the resources I have learnt during the course
Brilliant, informative course, which is very relevant to my role. Well delivered by knowledgeable trainers. Thank you!
Paediatric Nurse Practitioner

Our clients and partners in Australia and New Zealand

Children's Healthcare Australasia
Royal Children's Hospital
Sydney Children's Hospital Network
Perth Children's Hospital
Christchurch Hospital
Matatiki - Child and Youth Health
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Partnering with First Nation Australians and Māori People

Acknowledgement of Country

We recognise Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People as the traditional custodians of the lands on which we live and work and acknowledge that sovereignty of the land we call Australia has never been ceded. We commit to listening to and learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about how we can improve experiences & outcomes of healthcare for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children and young people, their families & communities.

Partnering with Māori people

We acknowledge Māori as tangata whenua (original inhabitants) and Treaty of Waitangi partners in Aotearoa New Zealand. We recognise the tikanga (customary practices) of Māori and support their right to tino rangatiratanga (sovereignty).  We commit to listening to and learning from Māori people about how we can  improve experiences & outcomes of healthcare for Māori children and young people, their families & communities.