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Our Research

Please note that some of articles below are behind paywalls and only the abstracts are open source

Transforming training into practice with the conflict management framework: a mixed methods study

Conflict escalation in paediatric services: findings from a qualitative study

Forbat L, Teuten B, Barclay S. Archives of Disease in Childhood 2015;100:769-773.

The nature of conflict in palliative care: A qualitative exploration of the experiences of staff and family members

Karemah François, Elizabeth Lobb, Sarah Barclay, Liz Forbat. Patient Education and Counseling Volume 100, Issue 8, August 2017, Pages 1459-1465

Training paediatric healthcare staff in recognising, understanding and managing conflict with patients and families

Findings from a survey on immediate and 6-month impact
Liz Forbat, Jean Simons, Charlotte Sayer, Megan Davies, Sarah Barclay. Archives of Disease in Childhood 2017;102:250-254.

Conflict in a paediatric hospital: a prospective mixed-method study

Liz Forbat, Charlotte Sayer, Phillip McNamee, Esse Menson, Sarah Barclay. Archives of Disease in Childhood 2016;101:23-27.

Reducing healthcare conflict

Outcomes from using the conflict management framework
Liz Forbat, Sarah Barclay. Archives of Disease in Childhood 2019;104:328-332.

The Healthcare Conflict Scale

Development, validation and reliability testing of a tool for use across clinical settings
Liz Forbat, George Mnatzaganian, S Barclay. Journal of Interprofessional Care 2019; 33:6, 680-688.

Articles we have contributed to

Disagreement, mediation, arbitration: resolving disputes about medical treatment

Dominic Wilkinson, Sarah Barclay, Julian Savulescu. Lancet 2018, 391: 2302-2305.

Complexity and challenge in paediatrics: a roadmap for supporting clinical staff and families

Hilary Cass, Sarah Barclay, Clare Gerada, Daniel E Lumsden, Kaji Sritharan. Archives of Disease in Childhood Published Online First: 11 June 2019

Achieving consensus advice for paediatricians and other health professionals: on prevention, recognition and management of conflict in paediatric practice

Mike Linney, Richard D W Hain, Dominic Wilkinson, Peter-Marc Fortune, Sarah Barclay, Vic Larcher, Jacqueline Fitzgerald, Emily Arkell - Archives of Disease in Childhood 2019; 104:413-416