face-to-face Course

Recognising and managing conflict between families and healthcare professionals

The essential toolkit for recognising and understanding conflict between families and health professionals

Full day Level 1 Training 9am-4.30pm
(5 August) - Sydney (15 August)
Brisbane (19 August) - Adelaide (3 September)

Course fee


*CHA members $680

For doctors (where reclaimable under  learning allowance)


*CHA members $550

Nurses, allied health, support workers and others were not reclaimable


Group boookings

Per participant for 5+ participants. 

About the course

MMF Foundation training delivered by our Australian faculty
Our essential conflict management toolkit to recognise, understand and manage conflict between families and health professionals

You will learn how to
  • understand the causes and triggers for conflict with families/patients
  • recognise the signs of potential or actual conflict
  • intervene and manage difficult situations
  • prepare for challenging conversations
  • discuss conflict cases across and within clinical teams

Who should do this course
This course is suitable f
or the entire workforce, including including medical, nursing, allied health and non-clinical staff

This course will teach you to



the impact and causes of interpersonal conflict in a healthcare context


when a conflict is escalating and how to manage it


strategies for having better conversations with colleagues

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