Case Study: True Colours Trust

In 2021 we started an exciting three year conflict management project working with three NHS children’s hospitals and a children and young people’s hospice. The project builds on all of our previous evidence-based work and is designed to embed all three levels of our conflict management programme into these organisations.

The project is co-funded by the True Colours Trust.Since April 2021 we have delivered 90 training sessions to a total of 480 health professionals. Of these, 95% said the training was “very relevant” to their work. This is what some of them have said:

“It has been very helpful to attend a course that is so relevant to the area I work in. Many other conflict courses aren’t specific enough for the challenges that arise working within paediatrics, particularly in an acute setting.”

“Huge impact and as ward manager, I’m sharing and empowering my team with new skills.”

“Massive impact. Patient care isn’t jeopardised, parents felt understood and heard. This in turn diffuses any tension, builds an open relationship and makes for a better working environment.”

The project is being independently evaluated by Dr Oscar Lyons and his team at the University of Oxford and will be completed in 2024.
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